Invent Your Destiny with Karen Love Lee & Jonah White

Karen Love Lee is a suicide survivor turned Transformation Guru. Co-host, Jonah White is a real life hillbilly-caveman who turned $400 into a $50 Million novelty product empire by inventing fake BillyBob teeth! Both teach from their own failure-to-success experiences, and share a common bond ~ their mission to help you, "Take the time to KNOW & UNDERSTAND yourself by experiencing a different approach to life that not only indelibly alters your heart and mindset, but gives you sustainable methods to powerfully shift your behaviors allowing you to Invent YOUR Destiny." How can Karen & Jonah empower you? They'd love to hear from you, and address your questions on their podcasts. Email: Here's to YOUR #FulfillingLifelongSuccess!
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Feb 8, 2016

IRL lottery winner, Ann hires Jonah to mentor her to #FulfillingLifelongSuccess. Seven years ago, Ann saw Jonah on Joan River's Show, "How'd You Get So Rich," and continued to follow  and research him. So, she was prepared when her opportunity came along! As Jonah brilliantly states, "Winning the lottery is a stepping stone for Ann. She wants to learn how to turn $1+ Million into $50 Million. I add, it's not the end all, and that winning the lottery only changes your bank account balance, NOT your mindset---better said, NOT the undermining self-sabotaging belief systems that predicate your life unconsciously. This is why I believe most lottery winners lose their money within the first two years of winning (Disclaimer: From hearsay resources, and statistics vary. Another resource cited that 44% lose their winnings within 5 years; another 70% of people who come into large amounts of money go broke within 7 years; and the chances of getting struck by lightning is more likely than winning the Powerball. Lastly, quite a few people have been murdered over their winnings). The moral of the story is that there are no "Get rich quick" stories that exist without hard work and persistent due diligence, as well backed up by lottery winner case studies! The only way to achieve #SustainableSuccess is to have the highest esteemed heart and mindsets by understanding yourself. Knowing what you want and why. Consistent self-confidence building, which a learned characteristic trait, NOT inherent. Know how to trust yourself, your intuition, instincts and gut, which lends to trusting others and making smart choices in life. All of this gives you the inner-power to Invent Your Destiny with everlasting happiness. It's not about the lottery or money. It's all about you believing in YOU ~ and creating your success from nothing, just like Jonah and I have! Ready to think, feel and act differently, and live as though you have won the 'Lottery of Life' every day? Join our 3-Day off-the-grid events, #CaveTimeSummits starting March 2016 to catapult your ability to Invent Your Destiny ~ right now! For details go to www.KarenLoveLee/events. Private Mentoring Programs with Karen or Jonah available---email or