Invent Your Destiny with Karen Love Lee & Jonah White

Karen Love Lee is a suicide survivor turned Transformation Guru. Co-host, Jonah White is a real life hillbilly-caveman who turned $400 into a $50 Million novelty product empire by inventing fake BillyBob teeth! Both teach from their own failure-to-success experiences, and share a common bond ~ their mission to help you, "Take the time to KNOW & UNDERSTAND yourself by experiencing a different approach to life that not only indelibly alters your heart and mindset, but gives you sustainable methods to powerfully shift your behaviors allowing you to Invent YOUR Destiny." How can Karen & Jonah empower you? They'd love to hear from you, and address your questions on their podcasts. Email: Here's to YOUR #FulfillingLifelongSuccess!
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Invent Your Destiny with Karen Love Lee & Jonah White

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Jan 25, 2016

Subconsciously we are our own worst enemy! The negative decisions we make in childhood actually dictate our adult beliefs, and are the ones that will brings us down without even knowing it most of the time. Jonah, brings up a controversial issue about a friend (anonymously) who let the chip on shoulder from their college football years, still get in the way of his life now! I explain the unconscious phenomenon that occurs on a subconscious level of not being able to let go of these chips---the negative programming from childhood actually becomes hard-wired into our belief systems, and become more ingrained over time. This is why what we believe as a child never goes away unless we consciously understand it, which is the only way to transform it! Bottom line is that carrying chips on our shoulder, which I did myself for years, only leads to self-sabotage! I share how I undermined my own happiness and success until I woke up and figured out a freakin' better way! We all carry chips, mostly against ourselves that unconsciously get in the way of our #FulfillingLifelongSuccess. Time to let these disempowering chips go and get on with your DREAM life, otherwise the cost you end up paying is your happiness, peace & fulfillment! Why bother wasting your time when either way death is inevitable?! If you want inevitability, then choose #InevitableSuccess because it's your birth-right---Booyah! What are you dealing with in your life? We want to help you! What obstacles are you facing? We want to hear from you! Email, and we will address your questions on our podcast! For personalized attention and to learn about our #CaveTimeSummits check out