Invent Your Destiny with Karen Love Lee & Jonah White

Karen Love Lee is a suicide survivor turned Transformation Guru. Co-host, Jonah White is a real life hillbilly-caveman who turned $400 into a $50 Million novelty product empire by inventing fake BillyBob teeth! Both teach from their own failure-to-success experiences, and share a common bond ~ their mission to help you, "Take the time to KNOW & UNDERSTAND yourself by experiencing a different approach to life that not only indelibly alters your heart and mindset, but gives you sustainable methods to powerfully shift your behaviors allowing you to Invent YOUR Destiny." How can Karen & Jonah empower you? They'd love to hear from you, and address your questions on their podcasts. Email: Here's to YOUR #FulfillingLifelongSuccess!
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May 16, 2016

Thanks to a handshake, smiling and engaging, Jonah is the keynote speaker at Harvard University! We pod while Jonah is on the east coast for product negotiation meetings, and days before he's speaking to Harvard Alumni. I especially feel a kinship to this epi because my paternal Grandfather and Grandmother graduated from Harvard and Radcliff respectively. No speech is memorized, only his core message, "Embrace Hardship" is rehearsed. He wants to be authentic and real, as always. I ask Jonah how he got this gig, so listen to find out! As our epi 26 says, "Be the Master of YOUR Destiny." Here's my motto, "Big Breaks don't make you. YOU make your Big Breaks!" ~ by procuring opportunities, following up, and following through! To boot, Jonah takes this trip as a more valuable opportunity to spend time with his youngest son, Sage as they trek through the cement jungle of NYC, NJ and then historical Cambridge, MA. We can't emphasize enough the importance of what really matters in life....relationships ~ the very thing that led to Jonah's Harvard keynote. Ready to #InventYourDestiny? DON'T LIVE IN THE FALSE HOPES OF SOMEDAY, WHICH MAY NEVER COME -- LIVE YOUR DREAMS NOW!!!!! Join us for our highly personalized #CaveTimeSummits where our priority is to catapult your #HappyHealthySuccess. for details & for private #KarenLoveLee mentorship program information. For private mentorship programs with #JonahWhite email