Invent Your Destiny with Karen Love Lee & Jonah White

Karen Love Lee is a suicide survivor turned Transformation Guru. Co-host, Jonah White is a real life hillbilly-caveman who turned $400 into a $50 Million novelty product empire by inventing fake BillyBob teeth! Both teach from their own failure-to-success experiences, and share a common bond ~ their mission to help you, "Take the time to KNOW & UNDERSTAND yourself by experiencing a different approach to life that not only indelibly alters your heart and mindset, but gives you sustainable methods to powerfully shift your behaviors allowing you to Invent YOUR Destiny." How can Karen & Jonah empower you? They'd love to hear from you, and address your questions on their podcasts. Email: Here's to YOUR #FulfillingLifelongSuccess!
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Aug 15, 2016

Or maybe, anybody?! Always, not so much as save yourself first, but EMPOWER yourself first & foremost insures more POWER to help others realize their fullest potential. We can only give as much as we have to give...Empowerment starts from within, and the best most effective way to contribute to another human being is to lift them mentally, emotionally & spiritually to set a sustainable foundation for self-confidence/respect---which is the source of the ability to thrive in every area of life. The stronger you are within yourself the more influence you have to affect change. Ready to have your cup run overith? Then join us and experience our highly personalized #CaveTimeSummits where our priority is to catapult your #LifelongHappySuccess. for details & for private #KarenLoveLee mentorship program information. For private mentorship programs with #JonahWhite email 

Aug 1, 2016

The real measure of success is in giving back," as Jonah and I both agree. I feel you can never put a price on contributing to others, especially those who are less fortunate. It's a win-win experience, and must be otherwise you crossover into martyrdom. I love when Jonah says, "Handing out hot dogs makes me feel much better than donating $200K."!!!! Volunteering my time to empower recovering female addicts & felons, as difficult as it is, brings such immense joy and gratitude that I can't help but radiate this, which attracts so many other miraculous things without even trying....The easiest best way to give back is when your own cup is full, and running overith. Ready to fill your cup? Then join us and experience our highly personalized #CaveTimeSummits where our priority is to catapult your #LifelongHappySuccess. Email for details & for private #KarenLoveLee mentorship program information. For private mentorship programs with #JonahWhite email  

Jul 21, 2016

With 22 Mil followers, this SM Sensation can teach us a few things on what to do and not what to do or who to be! We can't disclose his name b/c of signed NDA's. Jonah hosts his reality show production on his island. Listen & Learn what & how the next generation can help and hurt global matters. Btw, it's all in WHO you know, of course YOU, first---NOT what you know! [*Bonus Out Take included (I caught more wisdom from Jonah after we ended our podcast): Mentors ROCK! More  business secrets from Jonah, and this 21 year old says, "I need your wisdom."] We'd love for you to join us and experience this paradise with our highly personalized #CaveTimeSummits where our priority is to catapult your #LifelongHappySuccess. Email for details & for private #KarenLoveLee mentorship program information. For private mentorship programs with #JonahWhite email

Jul 11, 2016

We podcast as Jonah, along with his trusted ally, Wolfy sit atop his hill overlooking the vast cornfields. Jonah's Timberwolf gave him a wicked scare days back. Wolfy was having trouble walking. Jonah, of course brings him to the vet--but this strikes a chord of being coldly reminded of the value of each and every moment of life. The harsh reality that the time that passes is gone forever! So who are you going to BE? What are YOU going to do? What really matters to YOU? It's not so much about what you do or what you have as much as the relationships you create, especially to yourSELF ~ and, the peaceful happiness you feel....which inevitably evokes a deep sense of gratitude. Jonah's mantra, "Another Day In Paradise," no matter what he's dealing with because we have the conscious ability to see 'Paradise' in everything! We'd love for you to join us and experience this paradise with our highly personalized #CaveTimeSummits where our priority is to catapult your #LifelongHappySuccess. Email for details & for private #KarenLoveLee mentorship program information. For private mentorship programs with #JonahWhite email

Jul 4, 2016

onah uses the metaphor of "repurposing" his historical 1800's barn for life. History matters! Making not only opportunities, but unforgettable meaningful memories. Our beliefs from our past, predominantly childhood, subconsciously affect our decisions for the rest of our life---both good and bad?!! Our past matters! As a very introspective and perceptively deep thinker as a young child, I saved this quote that I now have memorized, "The past is not to dwell upon, it is a well of conclusions in which we draw upon in order to act." Who Jonah and I were as children, and what we learned and believed are who we are today. Strange, but true. And, we continue to make life better by seizing opportunities over and over again. Be part of history by never settling. Always go for what your truly want in life. You make it happen making the best of every situation and following your heart and passion. #TheTimeIsNow! We're here to empower YOU! Join us for our highly personalized #CaveTimeSummits where our priority is to catapult your #LifelongHappySuccess. Email for details & for private #KarenLoveLee mentorship program information. For private mentorship programs with #JonahWhite email

Jun 20, 2016

MENTAL WILL POWER is the name of the game! Like fine wine we get better with age -- only if you train for it!!!!!! Jonah's incredible wife, Honey Buns is competing to qualify for the Kona, Hawaii Iron Man at 40 years old. She is in the prime of her life! I am teaching hip hop dance classes again after over a decade by volunteering my time at to recovering female addicts! #BestExperienceEver Don't wait for the wake up call! Don't put off your desires & DREAMS for tomorrow! #NoFreakinExcuses #DoWhatYouLoveNow Remember, it's the journey, not the destination. It's not about winning or losing! It's about being self-love, self-respect & BEING HAPPY with yourself and your life every second! #BeInTheMoment #TheTimeIsNow! We're here to empower YOU! Join us for our highly personalized #CaveTimeSummits where our priority is to catapult your #LifelongHappySuccess. Email for details & for private #KarenLoveLee mentorship program information. For private mentorship programs with #JonahWhite email

Jun 13, 2016

*DISCLAIMER: You will cry!

I break down over letting my Angel go tomorrow, and share my thoughts and feelings with my dear friend, and former client, Dan. PLEASE SEND ALLEE ANGEL YOUR LOVE....The day before I euthanize my precious gift, my Arabian mare, 31 years old and finally at the end of her life due to chronic disease---I chose to record this impromptu epi to express my emotions to help move through this best-right most selfless experience, as lovingly as possible, and with the intention of helping others through the loss of a loved one. In honor of my beloved Allee ANGEL, whom I never asked for, but showed up as one of the greatest ANGELS of my life. Not only did she bless me with her sweet and beautiful presence, she empowered so many children. Unconditional Love Lasts Forever <3

Jun 6, 2016

Unexpectedly, our topic for this epi turns into euthanasia, I know, "Whhaaaatt?!" Just hear us out on this one! Jonah and I start out shooting the breeze---out of nowhere I somehow bring up that it's time to put down my oldest sweetest horse, "Allee Angel," which was not even on my conscious radar for this podcast. I immediately well up into tears as I see her in the distance across my pasture out my glass-windowed door, as if she sensed we were talking about her. At 30 years old, my veterinarian and I confirm that is her time to go to heaven as to not prolong her chronic disease and suffering. Unconditional loves also means that the best-right things to do in life aren't the easiest or even close!!!!! Jonah compassionately points out something I never saw, "Karen, you took this horse in the 4th quarter of her life [after the previous owner was done with her because she was too old to breed]." This is magic of "Point of View," and what I undoubtedly believe, "PERCEPTION is 9/10th of the Law"! Here are the lessons in this touching pod: Be proud to be YOU! Don't care what others think! See the positive side of sad situations, which are inevitable in life. Don't ever let heartache ever stop you from filling your heart with happiness over and over again no matter what!!!!!!! This is my fave lesson because every human being's initial instinct when faced with overwhelming hurt and emotional turmoil is to avoid ever feeling this pain again by NOT taking the risk of unconditional love. In this particular situation, I almost get tricked into thinking that if I love more animals it will only lead to heartache in the end---as opposed to living life by my heart's desires on my terms, giving it my all, and choosing Jonah's "Another Day in Paradise" view! The golden cowgirl rule is when you fall of the horse, get right back on! So everlasting UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, here I come -- again!!!!!!!! #NeverStopLoving This episode is in the loving memory of my Allee ANGEL...I love you eternally <3

Jun 3, 2016

...with negativity; trying to be right; in victimhood; in martyrdom. Jonah shares about a close friend going through a divorce, and advises him to look for the lessons in this particular situation. It's a perfect opportunity to take "Cave Time." His friend, Scott is not going to put up a fight in the face of these circumstances, but rather reassess what he wants out of life. Our life-TIME is extremely limited, so remember that you have the choice as to how you want to live it! Wrapped up in drama or owning your ability to #InventYourDestiny? Ready to make the most of your life right now? We're here to empower YOU! Join us for our highly personalized #CaveTimeSummits where our priority is to catapult your #LifelongHappySuccess. for details & for private #KarenLoveLee mentorship program information. For private mentorship programs with #JonahWhite email

May 26, 2016

Rascal trapping have everything to do with the quality of life! I'm huntin' me some raccoon! Thanks to Jonah's hillbilly expertise, I'm learning how to trap the devious bandit responsible for massacring all five of my chickens! Another lesson reminder as Jonah put it, "You got too comfortable." B-I-N-G-O! As the leader of the pack, I'm fully responsible! In retrospect I didn't know what I couldn't see that I did not KNOW---to be aware of my chickens worst enemy, a scandalous predator, the raccoon. The shock was seeing the innocent chickens were pulled through the cage wires, and somehow the raccoon was able to get the tricky cage door open (even a human has problems because it has to be pushed in and lifted up simultaneously??!!) They are dreadfully crafty, and to say the least, I want revenge ~ aaahh!! This is again one of those things that "happens for a reason." To gain massive knowledge and wisdom! In light of the extenuating circumstances, I could only learn this from this exact experience. I'm once again reminded to not get too complacent, and to make sure I mitigate risk when taking on new ventures. The most effective way to learn lessons is through trials and tribulations. We can't know everything all the time, and as Jonah says, "The moment you think you know everything is when you make your mistake." The quickest most efficient shortcut is to consult with experts. Hence, thank goodness I have access to one of the best raccoon trappers ever, the caveman-hillbilly!!!! Not only is Jonah a tremendously skilled hunter in nature, but he talks about how this is extremely useful in business. Listen to this pod to hear how he uses this wisdom to keep human rascals from tainting his workplace, effecting not only business, but the quality of life! The more responsibility you're willing to take for your life, the more power you ultimately have! Ready to LIVE and EXPERIENCE inventing your destiny by reducing potential hazards? Don't reinvent the wheel! We're here to empower YOU! Join us for our highly personalized #CaveTimeSummits where our priority is to catapult your #LifelongHappySuccess. for details & for private #KarenLoveLee mentorship program information. For private mentorship programs with #JonahWhite email

May 19, 2016

Action-packed epi to date! Go against the grain. Take risks. Speak your mind. Stare controversy right in the face!  Jonah pushes the envelope by one-upping a fellow Harvard speaker. Yet, Jonah maintains his humbleness. Coming from Jonah, the bottom line: WOMEN ROCK!!!!!! You gotta hear it for yourself! The written word can't do this one justice. Call the shots. Manifest a crap load of money, but "Money isn't penicillin!" Spend quality time with your children. Experience Ivy League history. Entrepreneurs live by their own rules! But, make sure you do your homework to mitigate hazards, and take the time to understand and learn from your failures. This will give you access to sustainable FREEDOM! One of my fave Jonah quotes, "The moment you think you know something is when you make your mistake." I believe that ALL of our innate power lies in seeking what we don't know that we don't know, which I learned years ago when I initially started my transformational training!!!!!! To think you know everything is EGO, and the very thing that will take you down. Relationships, love and happiness...are the only things that really matter in the end. Ready to LIVE and EXPERIENCE inventing your destiny? Join us for our highly personalized #CaveTimeSummits where our priority is to catapult your #HappyHealthySuccess. Email for details & for private #KarenLoveLee mentorship program information. For private mentorship programs with #JonahWhite email

May 16, 2016

Thanks to a handshake, smiling and engaging, Jonah is the keynote speaker at Harvard University! We pod while Jonah is on the east coast for product negotiation meetings, and days before he's speaking to Harvard Alumni. I especially feel a kinship to this epi because my paternal Grandfather and Grandmother graduated from Harvard and Radcliff respectively. No speech is memorized, only his core message, "Embrace Hardship" is rehearsed. He wants to be authentic and real, as always. I ask Jonah how he got this gig, so listen to find out! As our epi 26 says, "Be the Master of YOUR Destiny." Here's my motto, "Big Breaks don't make you. YOU make your Big Breaks!" ~ by procuring opportunities, following up, and following through! To boot, Jonah takes this trip as a more valuable opportunity to spend time with his youngest son, Sage as they trek through the cement jungle of NYC, NJ and then historical Cambridge, MA. We can't emphasize enough the importance of what really matters in life....relationships ~ the very thing that led to Jonah's Harvard keynote. Ready to #InventYourDestiny? DON'T LIVE IN THE FALSE HOPES OF SOMEDAY, WHICH MAY NEVER COME -- LIVE YOUR DREAMS NOW!!!!! Join us for our highly personalized #CaveTimeSummits where our priority is to catapult your #HappyHealthySuccess. for details & for private #KarenLoveLee mentorship program information. For private mentorship programs with #JonahWhite email

May 9, 2016

Make the most of every moment is the topic of discussion in this epi. Jonah reminisces about the death of his father and the impact it had on him as a wake up call to his mortality. And, all the more to focus on what's most important in life ~ happiness in the moment, which become harmonious memories that last a lifetime. The reality in life is that it's all temporary. But, don't dwell on this---instead use it as a spring board to experience the most fulfilling life possible by being ultra aware within yourSELF to make the most powerful choices to #InventYourDestiny with sustainable joy and peace.

"Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul." ~ Ernest Hemingway

My near fatal car accident was another grand blessing that awakened me to the realization that I have a conscious choice to either take 100% responsible for my life or be a victim-martyr by making what I call, "almost justifiable excuses" for not living a DREAM-filled life of FREEDOM! This is why I believe that"Everything Happens For A Reason" -- the reason being that it's a radical opportunity to wake us up into higher levels of awareness and wisdom to sustain #LifelongHappiness before the only guarantee in life, death.

Your lifetime is precious! DO NOT WAIT TO GO FOR YOUR DREAMS ~ DO IT NOW!!!!! Join us for our highly personalized #CaveTimeSummits where our priority is to catapult your #HappyHealthySuccess. Email for details & for private #KarenLoveLee mentorship program information. For private mentorship programs with #JonahWhite email

May 2, 2016

More incredible lessons thanks to Jonah's take on my death defying experience! Back from vacation just in time to add massive horsepower wisdom to this car accident turned spell-binding opportunity for LIFE! Everything we discuss tracks perfectly with how to not only #InventYourDestiny, but to Be The Master of YOUR destiny!!!!!! MASTERY requires steadfast training and practice! Just listen to this one and get super charged! Biggest lesson ever: DO NOT WAIT TO GO FOR YOUR DREAMS ~ DO IT NOW!!!!! Life is precious and you never know when your time will be up??!!? Join us for our highly personalized #CaveTimeSummits where our priority is to catapult your #HappyHealthySuccess. Email for details & for private #KarenLoveLee mentorship program information. For private mentorship programs with #JonahWhite email

Apr 25, 2016

My near fatal car accident two days ago was yet another miraculous wake up call for my life. I believe in DIVINE INTERVENTION, and this wickedly surreal experience has just catapulted my life once again. But, at rocket speed thanks to my trained ability to radically reframe my PERSPECTIVE in regards to what could have been a tragic freak accident!!!!!! However, underneath it all, I don't believe anything is really an "Accident." I believe everything that happens and doesn't happen in our life is based on our mental  perceptions of thought, which dictate our emotions, which fuels "The Law of Attraction." Moreover, studying, understanding and consistently experiencing the scientifically evidenced power of our thoughts backed by our emotions will influence and create our reality. "[Princeton University] PEAR studies (, which seem to prove that the human brain does have the power to broadcast its intent and impact on the actual physical world." ~ "Tapping The Source" -- William Gladstone, Richard Greninger, John Selby


Truth be told, research doesn't matter that much to me, and never really has because all it comes down to is what I believe and then check the objective facts of reality. According to what happened during this near death car wreck, the damage, and the witnesses, I should have been critically injured or killed. But, I wasn't and I'm obviously still alive. All this to say, I believe in magical inexplicable MIRACLES. Yet leading up to this ordeal, for months I'd been feeling disconnected from a part of myself that I won't live without ~ my keen 'Intuition of Knowing,' which has been weighing me down and impeding on my level of inspiration and motivation. Bottom line -- is that I am 100% RESPONSIBLE for attracting this precise situation based on my confused and clouded subconscious mind. This was the drastic wake up call I must have needed (because it worked!) to put my whole entire life into proper perspective.


From start to finish I took the stand of looking at this circumstance as a grand opportunity for greater wisdom and growth, and I feel more radically POWERFUL than ever before because of my newly heightened connection to GRATITUDE (It went from intellectual to EXPERIENTIAL - huge difference!) ~ not just for life, but for just being ALIVE. Life is so gut-wrenchingly PRECIOUS....Never take anything or anyone for granted. Count every blessing all the time. LOVE unconditionally. Don't sweat the small stuff or anything, because it's all irrelevant in the end of the day. Don't make excuses. Be accountable. Don't justify. Don't be a victim or martyr. Celebrate every frickin' moment because you never know when your time is up! Be happy within yourSELF. Don't wait to experience a DREAM-filled life ~ #InventYourDestiny NOW!

Apr 11, 2016

Listen to what Jonah's story about meeting the inventor of the AK 47 rifle has to do with YOUR life?!!!! Be aware of your environment. Pay attention to detail. Notice opportunity for it's everywhere. Make a move. Speak up. Be respectful. Listen, learn, look for lessons. Focus on how fortunate you DO have it, and BE THANKFUL for all of your blessings! Join us for our highly personalized #CaveTimeSummits where our priority is to catapult your #HappyHealthySuccess. Email for details & for private #KarenLoveLee mentorship program information. For private mentorship programs with #JonahWhite email

Apr 4, 2016

The BEST thing to do is invest in yourself, but the last thing most people do!" Jonah's right-on-the-money sentiments as I get his take on investing into YOU, first! Are you willing to be DIFFERENT by doing what most people won't or don't??!!? For sustainability and happiness, Jonah emphasizes investing for the long term. Do a reality check on whether your investments are only for the short term? You must be willing to assess yourself and what you are actually doing based on the results you are or are NOT getting!? Are you going for Instant Gratification or doing what it takes to achieve Delayed Satisfaction for a life time? It's not a sprint, it's a marathon when it comes to consciously being able to #InventYourDestiny! Be DIFFERENT. Do & Act differently to Experience the Difference! Join us for our highly personalized #CaveTimeSummits where our priority is to catapult your #HappyHealthySuccess. Email for details & for private #KarenLoveLee mentorship program information. For private mentorship programs with #JonahWhite email

Mar 30, 2016

Profit in every area of your life, by investing in YOU, 1st! I talk about feeling stuck or spinning your wheels and how to free yourself up! Why investing in yourself pays off big-time on every level equating into massive results, fun & adventure!!!! Achieving your DREAMS in life can be virtually effortless if you choose to Own Your POWER & Greatness! Surround yourself with like-minded, like-hearted people! Be coachable & trainable. The best coaches are the best students (first)! Join our #CaveTimeSummits and #InventYourDestiny NOW! Perfect opportunity to connect to your new empowering tribe! Contact for details and Private Mentoring or for Inventor Mentorship.

Mar 21, 2016

Meaning what? It's all in how you perceive it---PERCEPTION is 9/10th of the Law! Loyal Illinois listener, John Hawkins asks the question then unexpectedly becomes my guest for this epi! I elaborate on this great topic from my point of view, in the context of self-examination and self-determination, and how this statement can empower you to stay out of victim mode and martyrdom! John also tells his personal experience of "finally getting tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck...robbing Peter to pay Paul." If he hadn't experienced this, got fed up with the pain, he wouldn't have had "Reasons" to, not only look at his situation, but consciously wake up to look at himself in order to make different choices in his life. We could say that all of this had to happen to motivate John to make massive changes for the best. Just like when my sister died in 2006, the last thing I wanted to hear was "everything happens for a reason" because I couldn't see or understand any upside to the situation until a couple of years later, when I finally realized that if it hadn't been for the excruciating pain I wouldn't have been forced to look at myself and take responsibility for my life. It was the "crisis that motivated me to change," because I hit rockbottom--it was grow or die! Not only did taking full responsibility for my life, without blaming anyone or thing else, set me free from mental & emotional prison---miraculously, I manifested my PURPOSE in life, which I had been desperately searching for since I was about 8-9 years old. Peace lies in how we CHOOSE to look at things...pessimistically or optimistically---each comes with a price, so choose the one that's less costly. Reframing everything that appears disempowering into what can I learn from this experience to better myself and my life has been instrumental in no longer being at the effect of my circumstances. Bottomline ~ I believe through learning and experiencing whatever happens or doesn't happen, the reasons are to wake us up into higher levels of consciousness, gain more wisdom affecting our reactions and actions resulting in radically profound peaceful #LifelongHappySuccess & FREEDOM before death. Ready to take "Cave Time" to skyrocket your life and #InvnetYourDestiny? Join us for our exclusive 3-Day off-the-grid retreat #CaveTimeSummits. Email for details or private mentorship programs. Email for his inventorship programs.

Mar 17, 2016

No matter what obstacles or challenges you face, and for how long---stay steady the course! Don't let your harshest critics define YOU! Or lack of results discourage you! For a year Jonah didn't go to any tradeshows because he wanted to be different. But, because he was willing to reevaluate his position by looking at himself, he finally tried the very first one. Listen as Jonah talks about how he pushed himself and his limits of being different, leading him to turn his small investment into success...Don't stop short of trying something new! The lesson here is to take the most conscious perspective, and see it as an adventure, and an opportunity to learn, and grow. With every new experience, which is the best most effective way to train your brain and strengthen your ability to sustain #LifelongHappySuccess---give it your all without being attached to whatever happens or doesn't happen?! No one and nothing outside of yourself determines your self-worth and self-respect. It's a conscious choice to #InventYourDestiny with courage and perseverance. You are the inventor of your own life. The only one who can and will get in your way is YOU!!!! Ready to show up to your first "Tradeshow," and amp up your DREAMS? Join us for our highly personalized #CaveTimeSummits where our priority is to catapult your #HappyHealthySuccess. Email for details & for private #KarenLoveLee mentorship program information. For private mentorship programs with #JonahWhite email

Mar 14, 2016

History eerily repeats itself when it comes to traumatic matters of the heart---unless you know how to stop the cycle?!! Jonah was hated by his college football coach, and Jonah's daughter, Sydney experienced the exact same thing with her basketball coach! This is the "Twilight Zone" at its best! Seventeen year old, Sydney, clearly the best defensive player on her team, sat the bench for 2 years, and cried to both her parents on many occasions. She desperately wanted to quit, but because of her ability to shift her mindset with the relentless support from her parents---she perseveres, not just by winning the state championships, but for the rest of her life, by setting the precedent for her future! The lesson we all can learn from Sydney is that she did not let her worst critics stop her from achieving greatness within herself. By quitting, nobody wins -- especially her....At the end of the day, she gets to take this SELF-Victory with her! Jonah talks about reliving this nightmare, and the pain of watching his first born child go through that very same anguish. Parents ~ pay attention! Facing our harshest critics, and not allowing their opinions to tarnish our future is key! Reframing what appears to be a personal ambush by giving it your all for yourself, FIRST, is the only way to stop the cycle of sabotage. Because of Jonah & his wife's incredible heart & mindsets, they were able to instill this in their daughter to become triumphant in the face of massive controversy & conflict. It's never too late to learn how to powerfully and sustainably shift your ability to endure and persevere through any hardship. Don't reinvent the wheel?!! Retrain your brain now, and #InventYourDestiny for the rest of your life! Join us for personal attention during our 3-Day retreat #CaveTimeSummits!! Email for all the details. Review & rate us on iTunes:, and we'll personally thank you, and give a "Shout Out" on our podcast!

Mar 10, 2016

Follow up to our most popular epi, a devoted listener asks, "how it [childhood beliefs] could be tied in with inventing your destiny?" Childhood rules your destiny by the decisions you make early on that become imprinted and deeply ingrained into your subconscious mind. These beliefs become your "blueprint" for life. Our brain's capacity for learning is greatest at age 4, especially for languages, which is exactly how the mind is programmed---through language. "By age 4, for instance, the cortex begins operating at adult activity levels. By 4, a child's brain is more than twice as active as an adult's. The brain continues to consume glucose at this feverish pitch through age 10 and then slows down until age 16, when it levels off at adult values." The research shows that a young child's brain has the greatest retention capacity. "For example, foreign-language instruction is often deferred until high school, despite the fact that youngsters can learn to speak like natives -- that is, to think in the language without having to translate -- whereas teenagers or adults usually cannot. When small children learn a new language he said, "the ability to use that language is wired in the brain." Musical training is another familiar example. "By encouraging young children to learn music and practice, you're really doing them a big favor." Chugani said. Once a child has learned an instrument, he or she can stop playing, then pick up the instrument 20 years later and do much better than an adult just starting out."  ~ The Riggs Institute. As, I wholehearted believe, and based on my research and case studies, all human beings' life's scripts are written and unconsciously memorized and engrained by 19 years old and under, predominantly by age 8! So for instance, because Jonah grew up in such impoverished conditions from the day he was born, he actually recalls around age 7-8 saying to himself that he didn't want his own family to grow up the same way. I remember desperately wanting to know why I was on this earth from about age 8-9. I remember so clearly wanting to understand the purpose of life, and that "there has to be a bigger reason for living than just being unhappy, working and then dying."? These thoughts became principle beliefs over time for Jonah and myself, respectively, which embedded into our subconscious mind and set precedence for our lives'. Being poor is not an option for Jonah, so his destiny was based on this belief. Living without a greater purpose was not an option for me either, and was the sole, "Soul" driving force for my life to this day! It's eerie how our earliest childhood beliefs stand the test of time, and are virtually identical to our adult beliefs when consciously examined. The BOTTOM LINE is this---when your childhood beliefs work against you, the miraculous news is that based on the brain's ability to grow until death, you have the capacity to transform your foundational disempowering beliefs allowing you to #InventYourDestiny at any point in your life. But the catch is you must consciously choose it and be willing to do the heart and mindset work to achieve #LifelongHappySuccess! Early childhood has the most retention capacity, so the thoughts and perceptions formulated in childhood become predominantly stored, embedded & encoded. Therefore, these belief systems create habitual behavioral patterns into adulthood creating an almost predictable destiny unless you interrupt the patterns and transform them...To learn more & for private mentoring information email or respectively. Join us for personal attention during our 3-Day retreat #CaveTimeSummits! for all the details.

Mar 3, 2016

Think, feel, act differently! Introspection is key! In Jonah's words, "I just went outside to feed my animals, and check for lambs.. i looked down at my muddy old boots... I realized I got them eight years ago this week in Harrisburg Pennsylvania at the sportsman's the last 8 years these muddy boots have taken me to northern china...walked through the Terracotta Warriors in Xian..over the great wall, to Vietnam and villages in Thailand... through the Outback of Australia.. they hiked over frozen lakes in northern Alberta.. fishing trips in Ontario, Saskatchewan(with my kids), these boots hiked from one end of the Brooks mountain into the other.. these boots carried Dall sheep, and floated the sheenjek River.. they helped dig mammoth bones out of the banks of the Kenai .. they have been to Argentina Costa Rica Belize... they worked for seven days at a trade show in Tokyo... they traveled on a high speed train to Yokohama.... they went to my quarterback from colleges wedding Cabo San Lucas... they walked on the muddy tidal flats of the Mississippi River Delta the day after Christmas this year.. they have literally felt the sand or the soil of all 50 states...they danced with Joan Rivers (twice) they have been in more than 10 episodes of reality television... they carry firewood off my hill ,they help me load my stove , every evening when it's cold..they have been with me thru negotiations from Bentonville, to Nuremberg. .these boots have been on the top floor of the tallest building in the world.. and they have walked across the bottom of the sand flats in Salt Lake City..when their souls wore out in 2012,I didn't give up on them... they were sent off to Italy have new soles put on.. now those to have worn out.. yet my trusty boots are going to go on another adventure with me today! Make the most out of everyday my friends, .. my mother used to tell me when I was a little boy that if you wanted to know where someone was going in life look where they have been...or in this case...look at their boots :-) #InventYourDestiny #CaveTimeSummits #KarenLoveLee #JonahWhite #FulfillingLifelongSuccess

Mar 3, 2016

Jonah's stalker lawsuit comes to an end. But the vital information isn't so much about whether you win or lose, it's about who you are, your principles, your values...what you stand for and what "Road of Justice" are you committed to for your own peace of mind and heart?!! Another incredibly thought provoking and enthralling epi! Ready to #InventYourDestiny, and experience #FulfillingLifelongSuccess, and radical everlasting happiness---right now? Join us for our 3-Day off-the-grid #CaveTimeSummits designed to cater to your personal situations, challenges & goals. For dates & detailed information or private mentoring, email Contact for his mentorship information.

Feb 29, 2016

The other side of a multi-million $ networth ~ lawsuits, jealously, greed & stalkers! Jonah's latest crisis, but not the first -- a stalker suing him for $1 Million. After a year long frightening scare for his family, tens of thousands of $ in attorney fees, Jonah's heart & mindset finally shows signs of paying off. Just listen to this pod, as Jonah shares what he's going through as it's taken place in real-time! All the more to have the most empowering and sustainable mindset, EVER!!!! I personally am inspired by this epi because this is the epitome of never "Settling," especially with the American judicial system, which encourages "Settling"!! The human brain is programmed by our thoughts/beliefs through language, so be very careful of the ideas and words you choose to plant in your mind. When it comes to your life and your DREAMS, #NeverF***ingSettle! Bar none---this is the mindset is a must! Get in on our mind-blowing #CaveTimeSummits now! Email for dates and details or for private mentorship program information. Email for his private mentoring info.

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